On Becoming an Editor

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How does one become an editor? As the saying goes, “Practice, practice, practice!” Or at least, get very lucky–as happened to me. By chance, a friend had considered writing a book about his career in the United States Marine Corps. … Read More

How Long Should Online Articles Be?

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There has always been quite a bit of dialogue, discourse, debate, and discussion on the proper length for an online article. It turns out that nearly everyone has an opinion on this; article authors, and Internet article marketers alike. Well, … Read More

The Dwarf and Barrel At Heidelberg Castle

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Heidelberg Castle, or Schloss, is a labyrinth of interesting rooms and fascinating legends. Reality and fable come together when you see the Tun – a mammoth wine barrel, and you learn about the dwarf – the barrel’s mythical protector. Heidelberg … Read More

"The Ugly Duckling" – A Book Review

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I somehow never had the opportunity to read this classic tale in its original format written by Hans Christian Andersen. I have read condensed stories based on his book and I never quite cared for the story other than the … Read More

Think You’ve Failed? Think Again

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How do you feel when you don’t succeed? Discouraged? Depressed? Fed-up? Does it make you want to give up? Does it make you think the world isn’t supporting you? Think you’re not good enough or don’t deserve it? Perhaps you’ll … Read More

A Tourist Guide to the Berkshires

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1. Introduction: Characterized by rolling hills and peaks, and dissected by river valleys, the Berkshires, considered southern extensions of Vermont’s Green Mountains, traverse Western Massachusetts and Connecticut, diminishing in elevation and profile from both north to south and west to … Read More

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