“Is This Thing On?”: A Friendly Guide to Everything Digital for Newbies, Technophobes, and the Kicking & Screaming

Is This Thing On? computers for beginners book
9″ long x 7″ wide
Uses plain-English to introduce novices to the ease of using a computer and more

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Century 21™ Jr., Input Technologies and Computer Applications (WinningEdge Titles)

In search of a approach to get your students began within the computer world? This introductory text, CENTURY 21, JR. INPUT TECHNOLOGIES AND COMPUTER APPLICATIONS, 2e is the easiest companion for navigation of computer basics, file management, the Internet, keyboarding, … Read More

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Computer Synthesized Speech Technologies: Tools for Aiding Impairment

While using technology to atone for individual shortcomings is nothing new, there was tremendous progress in the application of technology toward assisting individuals with disabilities, particularly with using computer synthesized speech (CSS) to help speech impaired people communicate the use … Read More

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Digital Literacy For Dummies

Develop and implement essential computer technology—withconfidence Do you wish to have to develop an understanding of technology to enhanceyour education, career, or personal life, but feel inhibited byyour digital literacy? Fear not! Written in plain English andabsent of undecipherable high-tech … Read More

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Discovering Computers ©2018: Digital Technology, Data, and Devices

Discover ways to maximize using mobile devices, benefit from online tools for collaboration and communication, and fully utilize the web and cloud with the up to date edition of DISCOVERING COMPUTERS 2018. Clearly see how technology skills can assist you … Read More

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Electronics for Computer Technology

New from Delmar Learning, Electronics for Computer Technology is perfect for these days’s career-minded students in addition to someone with a keen interest in troubleshooting computer devices, components and electrical circuits. The first chapter introduces system-level topics, including representative systems, … Read More

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Ethics in Information Technology

Preparing for a future in IT? ETHICS IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, 6E provides an working out of the legal, ethical, and societal implications of knowledge technology that you’ll be able to need as a successful IT professional. Read about ethical situations … Read More

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Famous Computer Inventions! From the PC to Micro Computer for Kids – Children’s Computers & Technology Books

You’re a master at computers since you use them on a regular basis! But Have you learnt how they evolve from one form to some other? Have you learnt who invented them? Answers to those questions and plenty of more … Read More

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FE Electrical and Computer Review Manual

*Add the convenience of gaining access to this book anytime, anywhere on your personal device with the eTextbook version for only $50 at ppi2pass.com/etextbook-program.*Michael R. Lindeburg PE’s FE Electrical and Computer Review Manual offers complete review for the FE Electrical and Computer … Read More

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From the Wheel to the Internet! Children’s Technology Books: The History of Computers – Children’s Computers & Technology Books

Let’s find out about how the World Wide Web came to existence. How are you able to seek for answers in just milliseconds? How are you able to see your idols in only a blink of an eye? Even as … Read More

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Getting Started in the Information Technology Field: With or Without a Technical Degree

This book shows you how to break into the exciting field of information technology, and move ahead quickly to higher paying IT work — with or without a technical degree. Learn about the career options available, and where you fit … Read More

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How Computers Work: The Evolution of Technology, 10th Edition (How It Works)

The Evolution of Technology   Having sold more than 2 million copies over its lifetime, How Computers Work is the definitive illustrated guide to the world of PCs and technology. In this new edition, you’ll find detailed information not just … Read More

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